Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture Frame

I had a girlfriend call me this week and ask if I could donate a frame for her son's schools silent auction. What a win win situation, I get to do another project and get to help someone out in the process.

She wanted a frame that would not be gender specific.

I immediately thought school colors, but then I found out what they were. I just couldn't bring myself to use them. Forest Green and Vegas Gold. Sorry Kids

Off to the scrapbook store I went in search of the perfect papers.

I struck gold.

I hope she and the bidders like it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Farmhouse Table

As I sat here this morning thinking about what to blog about, I looked over and admired our newly refinished farmhouse table.

Ding! That's it! I will share my Craigslist farmhouse table find.

The guy I purchased it from bought it back in Pennsylvania. He was told it dated back to the 1890's.

I ended up picking up this baby for a mere $200. I know it is way more than I would have liked to spend, but it was solid oak.

The first step in the refinishing process started with sanding. I started with a course sand paper and worked my way down to a fine grade sand paper.

Once the sanding was to my liking then came the Watco Rejuvenating Oil.

I decided to seal and protect the table with some polyurethane. I had never applied poly to anything before, what a pain in the patootie. I swear nats are drawn to wet poly.

I put a total of three coats of poly on and sanded in between each coat with fine grade steel wool.

I also forgot to mention I had to rebuild the bottom of one of the drawers because it was warped due to water damage. No pictures of that. Sorry

Here she is in all her glory, and with new dining chairs to boot.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Powder Room Makeover

My bathroom makeover began after seeing pictures of faux board and batten on and

Now mind you there are many makeovers I would love to do to my home but just haven't gotten around to doing them, but for whatever reason this one I had to do immediately.

I headed to Home Depot and had all my lattice strips cut to 54" and my casing cut to a straight 65". I figured I would do the miter cutting at home.

The first thing I did was decide how far apart I wanted the lattice strips. 14" was going to work perfectly, I would miss the outlets and the pipes to the sink and toliet.

To make things go faster I cut an extra lattice strip 14" to use as a spacer. I made sure the lattice strips were straight using my level and then attached them with liquid nails and finishing nails.

Now came the harder part. I had to miter cut the casing. After trial and error and two trips to Home Depot, the casing joints were cut and fit just right. Little secret here, I used my dremel to cope out the back. Why didn't I use a coping saw you ask, I did in the beginning and decided it was too hard to use and I didn't care for the fit.

I then chalked the joints of the casing and the edges of all my lattice strips, and filled in all the counter sunk nails with white wood fill.

Now I was ready to paint. I used Polar Bear by Behr on the board and batten treatment and Grey Owl by BM on the top.

I replaced the builder mirror with a mirror from Kirkland's that I painted with the same white paint I used for the walls.

Only thing left to do is to find the perfect light fixture and I think I have.

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