Thursday, March 10, 2011

Office Makeover

I decided to makeover our office this week. I painted the office when we first moved in, and it hasn't changed since.

Don't get me wrong I love the green paint, but I am now drawn to lighter colors.

I am an avid follower of the Lettered Cottage and I have long since admired their paint treatment in their reading room.

With that being said, I chose to try and duplicate their horizontal stripes.

I chose two colors by Olympic paint, Navajo White and Classic Khaki, with the Navajo White being the base color.

I now had to decide on how many khaki stripes I wanted. Five was the magic number :) I used a formula I found on to determine the width of my stripes.

With the width figured out I could now commence with painting, first I painted the walls my base color of Olympic Navajo White.

Then I invested in one of these nifty gadgets, an auto level laser to make sure my stripes were level.
I highly recommend one of these if you want to keep your sanity. I have yet to find a level wall in our house.

Once my stripes were done, I went ahead and painted over the tape to make sure the seal was nice and tight. Our walls are textured and I did not want the khaki paint to bleed underneath.

I ended up putting on two coats of khaki paint for the stripes.
The key to keeping the darker paint from bleeding underneath the tape is pull off the tape while the second coat of paint is still wet.

Okay I know your dying to see it finished, so here it is.

I absolutely L.O.V.E. it.

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