Sunday, November 14, 2010

Armoire Makeover

I am so so sorry I haven't posted anything new in quite awhile. I have been very busy going to my two daughters marching band competitions and their half time shows at the football games.

I am happy to report that their band took 1st place in the super state championship yesterday. We are so proud of all the kids in the band. Their hard work really paid off. Congratulations!!!

Now on to the makeover of the armoire. I have to say when we bought it twelve years ago I did have a love of somethings southwestern. Fast foward to today and my decor style has changed.

I still love the lines of the armoire just not the carving on top that screamed southwest. What is one to do? Get a chisel and hammer of course.

Here it is post chisel, hammer, sander, and wood fill.

I also changed out the knobs. The one on the left is the old one.

Now I need to find new drawer pulls.

I will keep you updated on the progress. I promise.